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Braveshirts is a new brand of shirts for brave people. 
People who are not afraid to break the rules, to disregard conventions, to go against the tide and soar under their own steam, in total freedom. People who refuse to settle for ordinariness, for standardisation, who are not afraid of challenging the status quo, and in fact often rage against it.
Shirts that are the result of one wish shared by two people, Mimmo Cafari (producer, multimedia producer, entrepreneur) and Daniele Cima (outstanding art director, graphic designer and visual artist): to create and produce "Art to wear".
The Braveshirts are the love children of the British Pop Art period and the London of the swinging sixties, of that amazing moment when everything was possible. But they are also characterised by rigidly geometric graphic patterns with a decidedly masculine feel, of Scandinavian-Teutonic inspiration, to which typically Mediterranean colours have been added. This impossible cocktail launches and represents an absolute innovation in terms of style and culture: the European ethnic.

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