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Lock Notes
58 graphic works relating 58 days of domestic reclusion. 

Lock Notes is a diary that uses the medium of graphic art to describe the moods of its author during the 58 days of his domestic “reclusion” in Milan, caused by the “Covid” pandemic, from 8 March to 4 May 2020.

During this long, strange period, he showed and expressed the interchanging rhythm of his many different sentiments, playing with shapes and colours and using the medium of graphics to create 58 pieces of artwork. The results are all original, full of imagery and surprising.

"Limitation makes the creative mind inventive", as Walter Gropius said.

The Lock Notes diary is an important, unusual, visual report of the difficult weeks experienced during the lockdown in Milan during spring 2020. In addition to its artistic value, it also aims to prove specifically useful from a social perspective.

The artist has donated the entire project to the association Energie Sociali and will be sold to raise funds for social activities aiming to help families that have slipped into poverty due to the pandemic.

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