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Through “Holystars” Daniele Cima celebrates and sanctifies contemporary mediatic icons, positioning himself as interpreter of a perception that is already embrionically present in the collective consciousness.
Utilising materials and symbologies both sacred and profane, he underscores the iconological aspects of figures transfigured by the power of the medias.
A contemporary agiology fueled by a constant, worldwide flow of information/mythicisation, the stars as divinities, as models to emulate, in a cult of personality to which it is perhaps impossible to be completely immune.
His compositions rigorous and geometric, acrobatic and unexpecetd, ambivalent and open to strong emotional responses, are made with materials as diverse as their origins, meanings and cultures.
Textile and decorative elements that Cima assembles in pastiches that are deliberately incoherent, yet which lucidly emphasise the distinctive traits of each idol, definitively cementing it in its iconic dimension.

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