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“Ever since I became an Art Director I inevitably started growing enthusiastic for Daniele's work… He has always been a beacon for me…” Luca Albanese


“Daniele Cima transforms words into planets, with high semantic density, with new rules which are not linked to a former life. He uses a graphic alphabet of symbols; he plays with typography with extreme liberty” Eugenio Alberti Schatz


“According to many, he is still the best Italian Art Director around” Pierluigi Bachi


“Daniele Cima is the best Italian Art Director ever” Luca Cinquepalmi

“Daniele Cima is a fantastic art director and graphic designer: for some (including 
myself), the best one in Italy. For us youngsters, Daniele's creative direction served as a spur. He made us aware of the infinite possibilities of creativity, always daring with rigor of taste and incisive style." Marco Fossati 


“His book is magnificent in its essence. Every page contains Daniele, his persevering pursuit of beauty, his life dedicated to doing the best... He is great...” Michele Goettsche

“Daniele Cima was and for a long time will be a reassuring and precise landmark in our work. Someone who can hold his own. An original and recognisable author, not linked to any school, current or fashion..." Lele Panzeri

“It's now a habit, but even this time applause can't be missing" Italo Lupi

“The strongest Italian art direction player is now playing on our team" John Krentel Leonard


“To express how much I appreciate his fine art direction really does not need to be supported by my praise…in any case, you can discover his talent by yourselves, simply admiring his ads, his posters, his work…” Alfredo Marcantonio


“Daniele found what he wished for in life, what he wanted and could do better than others (and especially so much better than all his peers of similar age): being  an Art Director. It became an obsession for him…” Anna Montefusco


“Daniele Cima, an Art Director who is as inclined as ever to imagine as an act of freedom, as a propensity of his -- a vocation which goes beyond the contingency of a professional assignment” Cristina Muccioli


“In Daniele Cima’s most recent works, rigorous objectivity and objectness can be traced back to a working style and to interests which were typical of the noblest tradition of pure experimentation with colour and form, that of the Bauhaus and of Josef Albers in specific” Antonello Negri


“One of the unchallenged stars of Italian art direction. His creative colleagues paradoxically consider him the most “classic” innovator” Till Neuburg

“Upcycled Words: what a brilliant and radiant performance, indeed! My deepest and 
warmest compliments! You are a genius of graphics, beauty and colors.” Enrico Maria Radaelli 


“I think he is the best Italian Art Director, a real crafter… A landmark for young people entering this profession” Vittorio Ravà


“It was and still is a privilege, to sit opposite to you as a copywriter and long-time friend since our younger days: beyond having the most talented art director ever on the other side of the table, I have been the eyewitness to the birth and evolution of an outstanding artist as well. He had not yet officially revealed himself, but we know he was already there” Daniele Ravenna

“Because Cima is someone who experiments. One of the few who experiments knowing he is experimenting. He is not the adventurer of art direction but he is someone who loves adventure. Cima is well-acquainted with the rules and makes an effort to break them” Gavino Sanna

"I thought that Italian creativity was rather poor, until I got to know Daniele Cima's work" Toni Segarra

“In my book “The A to Z of separating people from their money” 'D' should stand for Daniele Cima and is excellent creative corpus. His work is so fantastic that for me he is the true follower of Italian Renaissance.” Hermann Vaske

"There are many good creatives around Europe. Every now and then it happens to meet a champion: Daniele is one of them" David Wheldon

“I met him first in 1985 in a very bad touristic restaurant in Budapest. He became my no.1 Art Director. He is so far the craziest Art Fellow I know." Ivo Von Renner

“With Daniele Cima we go back to delete borders between disciplines which, as political geography shows us, are always arbitrary. His work is made up of shapes and impeccable equilibria, so well-endowed with strength and originality that they cannot be shut up in a pre-defined cage” Nicola Zanardi

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