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“Orgasmic Dichlorophene” (the unexpected eroticism of a molecule)


A molecule is an obscure entity, unknown and incomprehensible to most people.
An element with which human beings have no familiarity, even though we deal with
millions (maybe even billions?) of molecules every day.
A molecule is not even particularly attractive, aesthetically speaking: neither Giorgio Armani nor Yves Saint Laurent has ever used one in their creations, as well as Richard Sapper never draw inspiration from a molecule in designing objects.
Nevertheless, graphic representation of a particular molecule, Dichlorophene (OH-
CI), struck the creative imagination of Daniele Cima, who reinterprets the symbol OH as a moan of sexual pleasure, projecting particles into an unexpected erotic zone.
The artist accentuates his design with powerful colouring and considerable
dimensional alteration, completing the transformation from an unfeeling code into an eccentric artwork.
His “Orgasmic Dichlorophene” is a molecule created in a laboratory, but an artistic

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