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Schools are designed to teach the young and set them on their future paths.They do this by identifying, stimulating and encouraging children's inclinations towards certain subjects.Not yet fifteen, Daniele Cima's report card for the 1964/65 clearly states that he has no discernible talent in any subject: Italian, Latin, Greek, French, Maths or History. Not even in Physical Education.

It portrays him as a complete and utter failure with no hope of redemption.

It is a smack in the face and suggests his future is bleak.

It is so disastrous that it seems to mark him down as moron, stupid and hopeless.

Today that ignorant boy has decided to celebrate his painful scholastic failings with a work of art.

A failing that over time turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it enabled him to understand his real talent, ability, ambition and desire, and to identify art as the area in which he could express the potential he felt inside.

53 years later comes a creative reinterpretation of the document that provided such a negative assessment of Daniele Cima the student, one that - according to the professors that wrote it - confirmed that he was a complete dunce.

A nasty bureaucratic document is transformed into a joyous work of art that pokes fun at bureaucracy itself, at its rules, formalities, rigidity and cruel stupidity.

With "Donckey" Cima turns the tables to become the judge of his judges, taking enjoyment in deriding them and insinuating that it was they, not him, who were actually the stupid ones.

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